Saturday, March 31, 2007

Juicy Joost

Joost, the pioneer of online television, is creating an experience more profitable for advertisers and more enjoyable for viewers. The company is bound to attain unprecedented success with its new free technology which puts the viewer in charge of the experience by allowing him or her to choose from an entire days worth of shows at any single moment, except of course from live shows. In addition, its interface allows for easier navigation than the conventional TV remote.

Joost is a dream for advertisers and a tremendous catalyst for online and viral advertising because commercials would be far more effective in getting the viewer to visit their website because it is only a mouse click away for a viewer sitting at his or her computer as opposed to the inconvenient "trek" from the couch to the computer room which most would currently have to endure. This means companies must construct interesting and interactive websites which would captivate the consumer and hopefully persuade him or her to buy or at least learn about their product.

Joost is also currently developing compatibilities with other technological products. For example the Apple TV, a device which links one's iTunes video library to his or her television, is partnering with Joost to develop a means of linking Joost to one's TV in order to preserve the comfort of a family viewing experience, providing the best of both worlds.