Saturday, December 30, 2006

Solutions to Resolutions

I discovered a widely unknown yet immensely useful site called in an article by Outside Magazine. The site allows you to set an individual, group, or company profile detailing your biggest aspirations and goals. The site's ultimate purpose is to provide users with an accessible resource to clearly document goals as well as share them publicly with others. So, with New Year's approaching, registrants are able to post up to 43 inspiring goals. But, there's the kicker. allows you to set deadlines as to when you want to partially or fully achieve certain goals. Also, will personally notify you through e-mail reminders making sure your on track. Through frequent personal updates, the user can share advice and dialog as to how their hopes have panned out. While this blog post isn't directly business related, don't you think all companies should exercise the ability to publicly display organizational goals?

To check out my list on, click on the link below:
Austin's Goals for 2007

Friday, December 29, 2006

A Seasonably Good Year for Mtn. Resort

When it snows, it snows added revenues. With two major snow dumpings on Denver, Colorado in the last month, Vail Mountain Resorts (MTN) has been enjoying record-breaking conditions for its avid skiiers and snowboarders. Despite the holdup at major airports, Vail Mtn. managed to open slopes weeks in advance, and fashion a knockout Christmas season. Following this trend, the stock has seen major upside over the past three years under the leadership of CEO, Robert Matz. At only 39 years old, investment-banker Matz holds high hopes for the $1.8 billion mountain resort juggernaut. As overseer of 40% of Colorado's ski market, Matz looks to invest hundred of millions in re-establishing its real estate holdings at Vail Village, Keystone, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, and Heavenly. As the #1 international ski destination, Vail Mtn. has made a long-lasting commitment to ensuring low CO2 emissions through the development of its wind turbine systems. These systems provide 100% of the energy needed to operate the chair lifts and mountain restaurants. Furthermore, Vail is making improvements to accommodate the ever-growing snowboarding market through sponsored events such as the Honda Session in January 2007. With $81 lift tickets, and visitors from all over the globe, can you spell recession proof?

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Happy Holidays!!

To get things rolling, we thought that we would showcase the annual release from Contagious Magazine, highlighting the biggest hits of 2006. Stay tuned for input and analysis. Take a look!

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